Senior Connaught House Trip

Connaught pupils enjoyed a wide range of activities at the Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning on their annual house trip.  The 54 acre outdoor classroom set in delightful Essex countryside provides activities including team building skills, caving, and archery.  But by far the best, according to Maisie in Year 10, was the low ropes course over water.  Navigating the course required considerable skill, which was amply displayed by many pupils.  However, Tulsi and Prince are to be particularly commended for completing the final and hardest task which involved crossing the water on a log without holding onto anything.  Many others fell into the 2 metre deep water including Ekene (twice), Paarth, Dennis, Kyarna, Eden and Lily.  Thankfully they remained good natured and went to change into their spare clothes.  Also to be commended is Alex in 7K, who attempted all activities on several occasions and often volunteered to go first.

Team building activities were wide-ranging and Imogen and Helena in Group A had to extricate themselves from being tied together with string at their wrists.  Progress was made by Group B at the marble run, where they eventually agreed a strategy led by Maisie on how to control the movement of a marble on pipe guttering which had to be angled correctly.

Group B also made excellent progress at the swamp crossing, under the firm supervision of Rachel.  Jake issued helpful instructions, Alex was perfect at the front and Maisie took charge at the back by picking up the tyres.  She was praised by the group leader, Simon, who said her movements were “precise and focused.”  Simon also praised Ekene who was in charge of the middle of the bridge and represented a ‘solid foundation’.

Altogether this had been a highly successful day, taking place under warm sunshine while admiring the rural setting of Lambourne End in the splendid countryside.