About Normanhurst School


Normanhurst is a privately-owned independent preparatory school in North Chingford, on the borders of South-West Essex and North-East London, for around 285 boys and girls aged 2½ to 16.

We offer a high standard of education and a fulfilling learning experience in a happy, secure and caring environment. With an emphasis on courtesy, manners and respect, we allow pupils to fulfil their potential by working together for the benefit of each other. We nurture, praise and encourage.

Choosing Normanhurst

By choosing Normanhurst School for your son or daughter, you are choosing a family-owned school with strong traditions, values and morals.

Some of our many features are:

  • We have smaller class sizes with a high pupil to adult ratio that enables more individual attention and personalised learning.
  • Our highly qualified staff will care for your child’s welfare, not just for his/her academic success.
  • We teach respect for others, moral values and good manners.
  • There are extensive before and after school clubs and activities, with numerous trips, educational visits and residential stays.
  • Our school uses local first class facilities that cater for all types of sporting and social activities.
  • We encourage close parent-school relationships and are fortunate to have a very active Parents’ Association.

School Aims

  • Be a secure and safe community in which each child can achieve academically and personally.
  • Help children develop a clear sense of right from wrong and take responsibility for their own actions.
  • Provide a broad curriculum with a variety of activities that offer stimulating opportunities in which pupils can develop lively, enquiring minds as well as individual talents.
  • Prepare each child for their next school to suit both their character and academic ability.
  • Develop the skills and attributes children need to face the future with confidence
  • Foster in our pupils a positive attitude towards themselves and others, and treat everybody equally, showing tolerance and understanding.
  • Nurture a strong sense of family in which there is care and respect amongst pupils, parents and staff.
  • Give opportunities to develop leadership skills and encourage independence and cooperation.