Autumn Term 2017

Week 1

Hot Counter Bolognaise Pasta Bake
Hot Counter Vegetable Pasta Bake
Accompaniments Garlic Bread
Vegetables Sweetcorn | Mange Tout
Dessert Pineapple Upside-down Cake
Hot Counter Chicken Korma
Hot Counter Vegetable Korma
Accompaniments Rice
Vegetables Cauliflower | Green Beans
Dessert American Style Pancakes
Hot Counter Roast Turkey
Hot Counter Roast Vegetable Tart
Accompaniments Roasted Potatoes
Vegetables Red Cabbage | Roasted Parsnips
Dessert Apple Pie and Custard
Hot Counter Hot Dogs
Hot Counter Veggie Dog
Accompaniments Roast Sweet Potato
Vegetables Fried Onions
Dessert Blueberry Muffin Cake
Hot Counter Fish Fingers
Hot Counter Cheese, Leek and Potato Pie
Accompaniments Chips
Vegetables Garden Peas | Baked Beans
Dessert Cookies


Week 2

Hot Counter Beef Burrito
Hot Counter Vegetable and Bean Burrito
Accompaniments Rice
Vegetables Roasted Cauliflower | Sauteed Peppers
Dessert Cheesecake
Hot Counter Chinese Sticky Chicken
Hot Counter Singapore Noodles
Accompaniments Noodles
Vegetables Sweetcorn | Stir-fried Vegetables
Dessert Banana Sponge
Hot Counter Roast Pork
Hot Counter Cauliflower Cheese
Accompaniments Roasted Potatoes
Vegetables Broccoli | Roasted Beetroot
Dessert Chocolate Mousse
Hot Counter Beef Burger
Hot Counter Veggie Burger
Accompaniments Herby New Potatoes
Vegetables Sweetcorn | Green Beans
Dessert Chocolate Chip Muffin
Hot Counter Fish Fingers
Hot Counter Cheese and Onion Slice
Accompaniments Chips
Vegetables Garden Peas | Baked Beans
Dessert Fruit Smoothies


Week 3

Hot Counter BBQ Chicken
Hot Counter BBQ Quorn Fillet
Accompaniments New Potatoes
Vegetables Cabbage | Sweet Potato
Dessert Fruit Salad
Hot Counter Nigerian Skoko Curry
Hot Counter Vegetable Rice Jollof
Accompaniments Rice
Vegetables Lentils with Tomato and Red Onion | Sauteed Spinach
Dessert Chocolate Sponge Cake
Hot Counter Roast Beef
Hot Counter Lentil Bake
Accompaniments Roasted Potatoes
Vegetables Carrots | Sweetcorn
Dessert Peaches and Cream
Hot Counter Sausages
Hot Counter Veggie Sausage
Accompaniments Mashed Potatoes
Vegetables Green Beans | Fried Onion
Dessert Jam Sponge
Hot Counter Fish Fingers
Hot Counter Mac and Cheese
Accompaniments Chips
Vegetables Garden Peas | Baked Beans
Dessert Ice Cream


Available Daily

Homemade Soup of the Day | Jacket Potato Bar with Grated Cheese and Beans | Sandwiches & Baguettes | Seasonal Fruit | Yoghurt with a choice of toppings

Salad Bar

Mondays Greek | Five Bean Rice | Potato | Roasted Broccoli | Grated Carrot and Beetroot | Egg & Watercress | Tomato | Cucumber | Mixed Leaf | Roasted Vegetable | Couscous
Tuesdays Avocado & Baby Gem | Coleslaw | Waldorf | Pesto Pasta | Five Bean Rice | Tomato | Cucumber | Mixed Leaf | Caesar
Wednesdays Cherry Tomato & Avocado | Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables | Tuna Niçoise | Potato | Beetroot | Tomato & Pesto | Cucumber | Mixed Leaf | Prawn & Seafood
Thursdays Roasted Broccoli & Chilli | Chicken Caesar | Roasted Butternut Squash | Baby Spinach & Balsamic | Coleslaw | Mozzarella & Chive | Tomato | Cucumber | Mixed Leaf | Red Bean, Sweetcorn & Rice
Fridays Celery & Five Bean | Chic Pea, Cherry Tomato & Red Onion | Mango Chilli & Spring Onion | Pepper, Grated Carrot & Fennel | Greek Salad | Coleslaw | Tomato & Basil | Cucumber | Mixed Leaf | Sweet Potato & Avocado


Protein Bar

Mondays Cheese | Ham
Tuesdays Houmous | Chicken
Wednesdays Egg & Cress | Beef
Thursdays Cheese | Smoked Mackerel
Fridays Tuna | Salami


Daily Tuck Shop Items

Home Baked Cookies | Panini | Fresh baked pastries – croissants, pain au chocolats | Sausage Rolls | Fruit | Fruit Smoothies | Selection of Fruit Drinks | Water | Milkshakes [Yazoo approved for schools] | Savoury Wraps [when available]

We provide a well-balanced and nutritious diet and promote healthy eating for all our pupils. Our Food Council helps to ensure that pupils’ suggestions about school lunches are taken on board and implemented.

Healthy Food – freshly prepared on site

All of our food is prepared freshly on site by our Chartwells Chef and his team. His daily order for fruit and vegetables comes either from the local greengrocer or direct from local farmers and the meat order is delivered daily by local butcher.  All suppliers, including farmers, are audited against very strict food quality and safety standards and regularly undergo independent audits to ensure these standards are upheld.

Chartwells is one of the largest education-based catering companies in the UK and provides food for a large number of independent schools nationwide. We work hard with them to ensure the food we serve is healthy, nutritious and prepared using fresh ingredients from scratch. Financially, we provide an extremely high budget per pupil – around four times as much per day as in most state schools – to ensure that children are well-fed with good food. Unlike some schools, we do not use pre-prepared dishes and we know where the source ingredients come from.