Maths and History Room Renovations

After extensive work over the summer holidays to renovate the Maths and History room, the pupils and staff have really enjoyed their new space. We spoke to few pupils about how they find working in the new classrooms.

“I am really enjoying working in the new Maths Room. It feels spacious and light.” Yasmine – Year 11

“I feel like the changes to the History room have improved my learning. I think that the extra space makes it feel easier to concentrate as it has made the room a cooler temperature and it feels like we have much more space to work.” Tulsi – Year 11

“It feels spacious and I like the layout of the room. There is more space for movement in the lesson and it is easier to see the whiteboard” Kyarna – Year 10

“I have business studies in the new Maths room and the bigger space means it is much easier to see the white board. I like the fact that it is more spacious it is definitely a big improvement” Ella – Year 10