Welcome to Our New Year 7 Pupils!

It has been wonderful to see our new Year 7 pupils settling into life at Normanhurst. They have already made a really positive impact on our school community and have impressed our teachers with their enthusiasm and commitment to all of the different subjects they are taking. We asked a few of the Year 7 pupils how they have found their first few weeks at Normanhurst…


“I am really enjoying school. It took me a few days to settle in. I prefer it to my old school as we get much longer for lunch. I really like playing table tennis at lunchtime and have made lots of new friends already.”


“I have felt really excited about joining Normanhurst. I like the independence of moving to different classrooms for each lesson.  It was a bit scary at first but everyone is so friendly and wanted me to join different groups. It is really easy to make friends. I really love Art lessons and Art Club and am doing some really exciting work.”


“I really like Normanhurst because everyone is really welcoming. I like moving around to different classes because we get more responsibility. I found it easy to make friends. I like all of the lessons because the teachers make it fun and enjoyable to learn.”