Drug Alert Assembly

A stark warning about the dangers of starting smoking was delivered to pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 during PSHE.  Darren Gold, a recovering addict, told pupils that only eating and drinking are more addictive than nicotine, a point which Jake in 8K said was new to him.  Darren advised “I only gave up smoking a year ago because it is so addictive so avoid it by not starting in the first place and ignore all peer pressure to do so”.

Darren also pointed out that the main age group for smokers is teenagers and people in their early twenties who usually start out of curiosity.  Paige and Harleem  in 8K said they had learnt a lot from this from the session and Trinav said he intended to avoid smoking after witnessing his uncle become a heavy smoker.  After the talk, pupils in 8K watched a film about cigarette and drug addiction which featured the late singer Amy Winehouse.