Year 10 Careers Day

On Thursday 25 January Year 10 had the exciting opportunity to look into potential future schools during their Careers day. We visited Forest School which was filled with stalls, each stall representing a different college or university. Many other schools were also taking part.

As we approached the stalls, we were introduced to the different opportunities at the given school, and encouraged to think about studying there in the future. We learnt about the different things the colleges offer, what we need to achieve in order to be able to get into the college, and how the college would benefit us if we went there. Some of the schools being represented were Royal Holloway University, Brunel University, University of Glasgow, ELAM, Loughborough University, London Metropolitan University, Liverpool Hope University and many more.

On almost every stall, pupils were presented with booklets and leaflets providing more information on the school. Pupils then had the opportunity to look further into their interests and passions, while at the same time thinking about their future.

I think most if not all pupils greatly enjoyed this visit. It’s very important to have your future somewhat planned out, as it could save you a lot of worrying. It was an amazing experience, and definitely very helpful for everyone. Year 10 would like to thank Mr Botha for organising the visit and Miss Wren for accompanying us.

Katy Adams