A Trip to the Science Museum with Year 3

Last week Year 3 took a fascinating trip to the Science Museum in London to help further their learning about their Science topic ‘Forces and Magnets’. While they were there the children got to watch and take part in a number of shows and view some amazing exhibits.

Pupils first attended the ‘Feel the Force’ show, with presenters Sir Isaac Newton and Phil the Stunt Frog. The show featured many live demonstrations much to the children’s excitement!

Following this it was time to enter ‘Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery’. This is an exhibit set up specifically for school groups and aims to ignite curiosity in science and maths through more than 50 cutting-edge exhibits and immersive experiences. It enriches learning across the curriculum themes of Forces, Electricity, Light, Sound, Matter, Space and Maths. The children had a great time getting hands on with the exhibits before watching the Wonderlab Show.

“It was really good to actually see science happen in real-life.” John

“I liked it when they showed us how the forces work in different ways.” Eloise