Safer Internet Day Senior Assembly

As a part of our PSHE curriculum, Senior pupils took park in a Safer Internet Day school assembly, looking at ways to stay safe online when using social media. This year the theme of Safer Internet Day was ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect’.

During the assembly pupils looked at the different types of social media that they used and thought about ways of ensuring that they are respectful to one another when they use them. Pupils also learnt about different actions they can take if they become the victim of cyber bullying.

Another important theme that was discussed was digital wellbeing and how pupils can find ways to ensure that they are always mindful of their interactions on social media. Understanding how they can affect one another in both a positive and negative way. Pupils were able to discuss and feedback in groups issues surrounding safe use of social media and digital wellbeing. Form tutors will be continuing to explore internet safety as a part of their PSHE programme.