Celebrating Chinese New Year with Year 5

Year 5 celebrated Chinese New Year 2018 – The Year of the Dog. They found out about the story of the animals and how they became the zodiacs – everyone felt sorry for the cat who got left out. They watched videos of the celebrations in China Town in London and learnt why the colour red is so important. After that they learnt how to write the animals in Chinese and had a go themselves. After a few more activities they got to try some Chinese food and opened their fortune cookies. Happy Chinese New Year!

“I quite liked it because we found out what the animals are that we are born on, I liked it so much I actually went home and did some more work on it and we are going to have  a Chinese takeaway at the end of the week so we can have some more fortune cookies – I cannot wait” – Finley

“It was so amazing, I loved the lesson and I loved finding out which animal I was. I found out so much in this lesson, my animals was a Rat and I was an ‘earth rat’ as on the video it told us which element goes with your year too” – Laila

“The lesson was really fun we got to eat to fortune cookies and see our fortune, we stuck our fortune in our books and we also ate prawn crackers. My animal was a ‘firery pig’.” – Margarida