Year 5 Science Experiments

Year 5 pupils conducted  an experiment to see which type of sugar would dissolve the fastest. They worked out how to make it a fair test and everyone made their predictions. After creating a write up, they then found out that caster sugar dissolved the fastest and that light brown soft sugar dissolved the slowest. This is how some of the Year 5’s felt after the lesson:

“Today in the Science experiment I learnt that caster sugar is faster to dissolve in water, I really enjoyed it because I get to spend time doing different Science experiments” – Shaunella

“In the Science experiment I learnt how sugar dissolves in water, I really enjoyed this Science experiment because I got to pour the sugar into the bowl and to see how long it takes for it to dissolve” Timothy

“It was a great experience I learnt lots of things to do with Science it was good for all of the class and we hope to do it again.” Alfie