Year 8 Pupil Receives Jack Petchey Award

“On Monday 8 March I received the Jack Petchey Award, which is an award given to people from the age of 11-24 and young leaders! The award night was an opportunity for young people to be recognised for their great achievements, as well as earning additional funding for their group or club.

The night started with the guest speaker of the night who was Danny Crates.  Danny Crates is a former Paralympic world record holder in 800m who won gold medals in several international competitions, including the Paralympic Games, European Championships and World Championships.  He spoke about when, at the age of 21, he lost his right arm in a car accident. After his accident he was motivated to take on athletics; he even said that the car crash made him more inspired to pursue his dreams!

After his speech I had to go and collect my award from Danny Crates.  I was so nervous as they called my name, not knowing I had to go on stage first. The feeling of holding a Jack Petchey Award was surreal!

I was given the award for great perseverance and progress during the season, and for attending training sessions when I was injured!  The quote from the night which I will carry everywhere I go is, “IF YOU THINK YOU CAN YOU CAN”!  It was a great night and I would love to do it all over again!”

By Nicole, Year 8