Year 5 Get Creative in D&T

Year 5 had the task to design and create a prototype for a product that will help us and change the future. There were a so many different designs, from a car that runs on electric with a battery that charges itself to a pair of sunglasses that also take photos and videos. Other products included: shoes that clean the floor as you walk, a whole body suit to help with carrying things on a building site, see-through shoes for the airport and a bookmark that turns the pages for you. The wide variety of products was fantastic. Year 5 should be proud of their inventions… Dragons Den – watch this space!

Luke – “I think it was a really fun lesson and interesting, it helped my crafting skills in a very unique way.”

Sophie – “I enjoyed helping Finley out with his suit and I learnt that it is a lot harder than you think to cut out cardboard!”