Year 5 & 6 Humanities Week

On Monday we went to Connaught Water with Year 6. At Connaught Waters each of us had a challenge, we had to work in our house – Connaught and Warren. The first task was to find rainbow thing in the forest, the second task was to take photos of nature. I enjoyed seeing all animals and searching the forest for colourful things.

On Tuesday we went to the Hunting Lodge. At the Hunting Lodge we got to learn all about the Tudors and we got to dress up. I enjoyed learning about all the food they ate and about the things they had not discovered yet – like using a fork!

On Thursday we had a Dress Up Day, all of us had to dress up as a person from history and in Year 5 we gave clues to the class to see if they could guess who we were. I dressed up as Queen Elizabeth I. On this day we also learnt about Queen Victoria, we had to research different things about her and create a poster.

On Friday we mixed with the Year 6 class and we told them all about Queen Victoria and they told us about Emmeline Pankhurst. It was fun swapping facts and learning about different people. It was fun being the teacher. Also on Friday, Year 5 showed the class our Tudor presentations. We all researched The Tudors for homework and created a PowerPoint to present to the class. I learnt that Tudors only ate with knives and spoons and I enjoyed making the transitions for my slides on the PowerPoint. The best thing about Humanities Week was dressing up as somebody from History.

By Margarida