Charity Netball Match

Monday 2 July 2018 saw the annual epic sporting contest of the staff versus pupils netball match that 10B runs in order to raise money for one of the school’s charities, United World Schools.  The game took place during PSHE, and pupils and staff all paid a donation to watch the game.

It was an excellent game, with both staff and pupils playing really well.  There was exceptional teamwork by the pupils, with some outstanding shooting skills by the staff team.

As a result of this, pupils took the early lead.  The staff continued to work hard and with some fantastic play began to make a comeback.  The final score was 10-8 for the victorious pupil team.

Everyone was very generous in their donations and support, raising a total of £235.00 in conjunction with the Year 9 cake sale.  Thank you to everyone who took part and helped to raise money for this wonderful cause.