End of Year Trip to Chessington World of Adventures

On Friday 6 July, Reception to Year 6 had a thrilling day out at Chessington World of Adventures. It was a brilliant day out and a wonderful end to a busy year in the Juniors. The children were able to enjoy a range of rides and learn first-hand about the different forces involved in theme park rides. Reception particularly enjoyed seeing the different animals in the zoo, while Year 6 conquered their fear of heights on the Vampire ride. Mrs Fisher and Miss Greenin recount here the Reception classes’ adventures.

“Reception had a great time at Chessington. Once we arrived we quickly went on the Gruffalo ride which told the story of ‘The Gruffalo’. The children enjoyed this lazy river ride and were very brave when they were faced with the Gruffalo. Following that, we went to see some of the different animals in the zoo. We saw lions, tigers and a very cute baby gorilla. After that, we went to Hocus Pocus Hall which was a strange place where not everything was quite as it seemed. We had a really lovely day at Chessington and Reception showed again what great ambassadors they are for the school.”