An Exciting Visit from Davina Hamilton

On Thursday 4 October as part of their celebration for National Poetry Day the children in EYFS and KS1 at Normanhurst had a visit from Davina Hamilton, author of the lovely children’s books ‘Riley Can Be Anything’ and ‘Riley Knows He Can’.  The stories are written with a rhyming pattern which linked in nicely to the children’s learning around poetry.

Each year group participated in workshops based around one of the books. The EYFS had a work shop about professions and things they wanted to be when they grow up linked to ‘Riley Can Be Anything’. KS1 had a workshop based on feelings and overcoming challenges based on ‘Riley Knows He Can’, they also got to become authors themselves and help Davina write a story.  At the end of the sessions all of the children received a signed copy of one of the books with a message inside from the author herself.!