A Very Special WW2 Visitor

Year 6 were lucky enough to welcome a very special visitor to their classroom, a gentleman who was a child/evacuee during the World War 2.

Mr B Brencher talked to the class all about WW2 and he shared his childhood memories with the children. Year 6 pupils found out how lives of children were before, during and after the war. They were also informed about the difficulties children faced such as being separated from their parents for 6 whole years! They also tried some clothes that were worn by the evacuees!

Here are a few things he talked to the children about:

  • how everyone’s life changed due to rationing of foods and clothing;
  • how children of all ages were put on trains, left their parents and stayed with strangers (carer families) away from London for 6 years;
  • how many children had no idea who their parents were (since they left at a very early age) and did not want to go back after many years when it was time for them to be collected by their own parents;
  • how some children stayed with those carer families after the war since their own parents died;
  • how people in the countryside were eating better than city folks thanks to farming and livestock;
  • how they would play in the countryside and see planes fly and sometimes shoot at each other etc.

A huge thank you to Mr B Brencher for taking the time to come in and talk to all the pupils.