Capturing Movement

Year 6 pupils have been working on ‘capturing movement’ in their Art lessons. They drew and painted still figures initially, studying their own posture. After this stage, they moved onto moving figures where they moved their limbs and studied changing angles of arms and legs as well as body posture. Their figures were put into context of WW2 where they moved moving soldiers and coloured them. The finished work will be displayed outside the Year 6 classroom.

Over the last few weeks, Year 6 pupils continued to work very hard on their ‘movement project’. They studied some art work based on ballet figures and sketched their own. Some pupils decided to sketch more than one figure to show differences in movement and posture. After sketching, they carefully cut out their figures backing them on to cards. They stuck their figures on a large paper and painted over them adding colourful backgrounds and they worked with different shades of colours to show blend and contrast.

Once they painted their background, everyone removed their figures from their paintings to reveal the outline and the results were amazing! They had a lot of fun working on their art project!