French Trip to the Opal Coast

Over half term, 40 pupils from Years 7-11 went to the Opal Coast. We went to a boulangerie and made croissants, went to an aquarium (which was incredible) and also went to a sweet factory to make – and buy – sweets. My favourite part of the trip was going to the military cemetery at Étaples.

There were thousands of graves from WW1 and it was very thought provoking to think that many of them were not much older than 18. The trip was great fun and also really useful to speak French in real life situations. Thomas – 10R

The French trip was a trip of 4 days (3 nights ). Personally I believe that I learnt a lot of French vocabulary and traditional culture from the well planned trip. There were 4 teachers that accompanied us and there were 40 students that went on this trip so we were divided into 4 groups in which we completed our activities. Our daily activities were always organised and we had action packed days where we were never left to boredom. For example, we went to an aquarium, the beach, a memorial, the market,  a goats farm and many more places. We were constantly learning new French vocabulary as we were told to speak in French before and after every meal. Our guide , Baky taught us new French words so that we could benefit from the trip. In my opinion the trip was very beneficial and fun as I hope to take French as one of my GCSE options if available.  Hamza – 9K