Christmas Carol Service 2018

St Peter and St Paul Parish Church was filled yesterday afternoon as family and friends gathered for the annual Christmas Carol Service. The Juniors did a fantastic job of retelling the Nativity story, with a bit of a twist, while the rest of the Junior and Seniors filled the hall with songs and festive readings. The orchestra played ‘Quem Pastores’ beautifully on a range of instruments, showcasing just how hard they have been working in their lessons.

This year the service had a special addition, as the staff formed a choir and gave a lovely rendition of ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’. A huge thank you goes to all the staff who helped make this even possible, and to Fr Andy Trenier for the use of the church and for his entertaining, but meaningful, talk.

It was a great way to end what has been a wonderful Autumn Term at Normanhurst.