Year 5 and 6 Trip to Wagamama

On Tuesday 4 December 2018, we went on a trip to Wagamama. My partner was Konrad. We went on the overground train from Chingford station to Liverpool Street. We had fun on the train and made funny faces. It took about 28 minutes.

When we got there, we sat down on benches with a super-duper long table! There was a guy called Leon who told us all about Wagamama. ‘Wagamama’ means ‘naughty children’. This is a fact! We also learnt that the first Wagamama was in 1992.  Another fact is that there are 3 different kinds of noodles. Leon showed us the chef’s uniform. The shirt is white so if it gets dirty they can tell and they go and change their shirt. They need to have clean clothes on because if they have something on their shirt it could go in their food. Leon demonstrated this by getting a felt tip pen and drawing on one of the chef’s shirts. It is also fire-proof. They wear these big shoes so they cannot hurt themselves or slip over. The uniform was super-awesomely-epic.

Now we had to smell and/or feel the ingredients and guess what they were. Most of them were rather easy. I learnt the differences between the different types of food (mushroom, tomatoes etc.) We got to taste some foods too. I never knew how many different ingredients went into this food! Now we had to prepare our lunch! I put a plastic bag on a scale and put noodles and sweetcorn and peppers. Now to put my meal in the oven…

Finally! Time to eat! I ate my noodles and they tasted ‘fantabulous’ (I know that is not a word but there is no other way to describe the taste!) Finally now we had to go back to school. We went on the train again. We finally got back to Chingford station. We then went in back to class. I learnt that noodles are really long and I liked the noodles.

Mia – Year 5