Inspiring Class Assemblies

We have had a number of fantastic class assemblies recently!

Year 2G did their class assembly all about ‘Recycling’, as this was a topic that they had learnt about in Science. It was a topic they all felt quite passionate about. The class read the story of the Messy Magpie and realised how important it was to recycle and not leave our rubbish behind. Once the class did more research, they discovered how simple changes could make a lot of difference to the environment around them. Year 2 really enjoyed retelling the story and teaching others about the importance of recycling. The class have now taken this a step further and are actively recycling in class all the paper they use, which is quite a lot! We hope that it will inspire other classes to also begin to recycle.

For their class assembly, Year 3 studied the book ‘The Lion Inside’, which told the story of a little mouse who wanted to be big and strong and felt the way to do that was to have a loud roar. He soon realises that it was all about how he felt inside, which would give him the confidence to feel strong. Year 3 practised incredibly hard for their assembly and ended their performance with their own rendition of ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry. We are very proud with how well they performed!

After discussing different styles of learning in PSHE, Year 4 were inspired to do their assembly based on this. They acted out a story in which a pupil had a deflated attitude towards their learning because they struggled, however once they spoke to someone about it and asked for some help, there was a much more positive outcome. The assembly ended with a key message of trying our best and to never give up. They did a fantastic job at promoting such a positive attitude towards learning through their acting, singing and dancing.