Mayan Top Trumps

The Year 5’s have been learning about how the Mayan civilisation were ruled and their social hierarchy. The children had a comprehension style task about the Mayan laws and ruling during this time. After this they then played ‘Mayan Top Trumps’! They had cards with all the different roles/jobs that were around in the Mayan times which were equivalent to different points that linked to their social status. Hear what the four winners of the ‘Mayan Top Trumps’ have to say about their learning in this lesson:

Adam – “I really liked the game and I learnt who are the rulers of the Mayan times.”

Sevan – “I learnt how the level of the Mayans go from the slave to the farmers to high priests and kings.”

Charlie T – “I learnt that only some Mayan people were ruled by kings.”

Alicia – “I learnt that the order of kings right down to slaves and it was really fun to play the game!”