Year 2 Trip to Epping Forest

On Monday 11 February all of Year 2 travelled to ​Epping Forest to extend their learning about living things and their habitats, a topic the children have been learning about in Science.

The day began with the children taking part in some pond dipping. They found some very interesting creatures such as a newt, greater waterboatman, phantom midge larva, dragonfly nymphs and many more. They learnt about how these animals live in the water and how they are especially adapted to live in that environment. They also played a great drama game that involved recreating the different creatures in groups, it was quite funny.

After lunch everyone continued their mini-beast search by focusing on the forest, again they were able to find lots of different creatures such a millipede, slugs, worms and a golden beetle. The classes then played another great game; the group leader, Hannah, described a mini-beast and the children had to run to the correct habitat. Lastly they did some work on food chains, it was a  really lovely day!