Year 5 Trip to the British Library

On the last day of term (Friday 22 February 2019) my class and I went on a trip to the British Library. Miss Stone, the TA (Mrs Demetriou) and Mrs Fisher took us on the train. On the train I sat with my best friend Amber and my two other friends Mattea and Prottusha, and Mrs Fisher.

When we got there we sat outside and ate our lunches. I had a jam sandwich and a Kit Kat, and for a drink I had some water. We then went inside and stood by a wall while our teachers’ bags were getting checked.

We took the escalator upstairs and Miss Stone told us what we were going to do. So we followed her instructions and went to sit over by a lady that told us about books and what goes on in the library. It has around 25 million books, more than any other library. They have every book that has been published in the UK and Ireland. It has 14 floors. As well as books it has CDs and DVDs, maps, magazines and drawings.

Then we went round to part of a gallery and did some of a worksheet which included looking at books. Next we went upstairs again and went into a room which had two long tables and lots of chairs. In that room the lady showed us how to fold our worksheets into a book which we got to decorate ourselves and then finish it off at school. After that we said “thank-you” and “goodbye”. Then we left the building to go home and got the train back to Chingford where our parents met us at school.

By Poppy in Year 5