Little Scientists in Year 2

Year 2 have turned into little Scientists last week for British Science Week, and have now gained a wealth of knowledge around about a huge range of Scientific subjects. The week started with an informative assembly all about eggs led by a teacher and some of the older pupils. Throughout the week the children then took part in a number of workshops led by outside providers as well as lots of interactive in class activities which included:

  • A Sublime Science Workshop where the children had the opportunity to make their own slime, edible sherbet and fake snow!
  • A forensic Science Workshop where Year 2 had to solve the case of a stolen dog.
  • Hatching and looking after their own Sea Dragons/Triops.
  • Making volcanoes out of apples
  • Conducting experiments using boats they had made.
  • Planting cress seeds.
  • Learning all about the anatomy of plants and having a go at making their own.
  • Using skittles to explore colour and lots more!