Fighting Fires in Year 1

On Friday 17 May Year 1 pupils took a walk down to Chingford Fire Station on the Ridgeway for a closer look at what it takes to be a fire fighter.  The children had been learning about the Great Fire of London in their History lessons last term and so the trip linked in nicely with their learning about old and new firefighting equipment/techniques.

The children were greeted by the fighters of ‘Red Watch’ who spoke to them about what happens when a fire call comes in and the various other roles they play in helping to rescue and take care of members of the public. The children were then shown in and around a fire truck and had an opportunity to use one of the hoses.  It was an extra special trip for Alexander Kane in 1T whose grandfather worked as a fire fighter at the fire station on the Ridgeway many years ago.  It was an enjoyable afternoon for all involved.