Keeping Britain Tidy and Earth Day

Years 3 and 4 celebrated Earth Day by taking part in a variety of activities. The day began with a fantastic presentation delivered by Nicolas on the effects that humans are having on our planet and what we can do to make a positive difference. This inspired many pupils to adopt an ‘eco-warrior’ attitude and they have all been making a conscious effort to save our planet.

One of the activities that the children enjoyed the most was creating recycled art sculptures. They did a great job of bringing in recyclable materials that they then used to create an endangered animal sculpture.  Each sculpture had an important message behind it such as: “Try to reduce our use of plastic”, “Stop littering”, and “Stop poaching”.  The children were very involved in this project and were passionate about what it represented.

Following this, the Juniors were able to do their part by picking up litter within the local area. Many passers-by made positive and grateful comments upon recognising the good deed our pupils were doing. It was great to see the children taking such a keen interest in protecting our Earth.

On Friday 10 May, Year 5 helped to make the world a better place by helping to ‘Keep Britain Tidy’.  As a class they walked around the local area of North Chingford and picked up litter and became #LitterHeroes.  #LitterHeroes is our way of supporting everyone who wants to do their bit to create a better environment on their doorstep and anyone who is already making a difference, and this is part of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign.

“I felt proud because we are helping Britain be tidy.” – Adam

“I felt helpful because there was a lot of litter and my partner and I tidied it up.” – Prottusha

“I felt disgusted because there was a lot of rubbish and some of it was really disgusting!” – Mert

“I felt annoyed because I felt that people think they can just drop litter wherever they are.” – Mattea

Year 6 have been doing their bit litter picking too! We have also seen that pupils are voluntarily picking up litter after school, during the weekends and in their holidays – we are so proud to have such considerate and committed pupils at Normanhurst!