Year 5 Science Museum Trip

“I was at school on 2nd May, a Thursday. We were about to go on a trip to the Science Museum in South Kensington. My partner was Amber (my best friend), we walked to the train station and we went from Chingford to Liverpool Street then on to South Kensington. We finally arrived at South Kensington station and we walked through some tunnels which took us to the Museum and we went in.

Our first workshop was called ‘It Takes Guts’. We had 3 volunteers from our school go up and help. Prottusha, who played as the ‘teeth’, had to crush and mush some food mixed together. Konrad and Kelaiah took part in ‘The Burp Factor’ (Kelaiah won!). We all watched a disgusting video of a person’s intestines and food going through their body.

Next we went to the ‘Space Exhibit’. We got to go round on our own for 10 minutes with Miss Stone by one end of the exhibit and Mrs Demetriou at the other side. I went around with Amber. I saw a planet hologram, a space suit, a big wall with space questions on and some pictures.

Afterwards, we went to the ‘Materials’ exhibit. The same things happened. I saw a car on the ceiling, a lot of machines, sliding doors, glass with water and handprints.

It was lunch time next, I had a jam sandwich, a Kitkat, some orange juice, crisps and an apple.

Later on, we went to the ‘Wonderlab’. I got to go on the friction slides and pulley swings (where I raced with Amber and Konrad, I won against Amber and drew with Konrad). I went on the spinner and this was very fun. I got to try using my teeth to hear music, I also used the electric machine and lots more!

Our last part of the museum was the shop. I had £5 to use so I got a spring which was multi-coloured. I also got a play foam toy which is satisfying to hear and touch.

Finally, it was the return journey back to school. We came back the same way as getting there, just the opposite way. We got to play with the toys we got from the gift shop at the Science Museum on the way back.”

By Poppy, Year 5