Year 6 Trip to The Globe

The Year 6 pupils recently visited the Globe Theatre for an interactive storytelling workshop. The day started with a lovely journey to the Globe where children enjoyed the sunshine with some amazing views of St Paul’s Cathedral as well as the view from the Millennium Bridge.

The workshop started promptly in one of the round private workshop areas at the Globe. The room was built like the Globe theatre and the round layout gave a personal feeling and made it easy to interact with the actor who was carrying out the workshop.

The play ‘The Tempest’ was both engaging and funny. Some of the pupils even had the opportunity to go on stage to play some parts of the play or act in the role of a character according to the script.  Our Year 6 pupils enjoyed the play, which lasted about an hour. They also had their lunch on one of the green areas by the Tate Modern, whilst enjoying the view of The Thames in front of them.

The journey back to school felt a lot quicker with a lot of smiley faces, after a long day of walking, learning and laughing.