Year 7 and 8 Trip to London Zoo

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 had the opportunity to go on a trip to ZSL London Zoo on Monday 1 July. The trip was organised to support part of the Biology curriculum, and pupils had the opportunity to study the adaptations and behaviours of various animals in their habitats.  Pupils were able to work independently and in groups as they orienteered their way around the zoo.  A great day was had by all, as their comments show.

“The zoo was an amazing trip that explored all aspects of wildlife.  There were numerous interactive areas that included a butterfly tent which had an array of colourful and even transparent butterflies. We could even go into the goat paddock and visit the lemurs in their enclosure.”  Mia, 8C

“On Monday we went to London Zoo.  We had lots of fun particularly in the reptile room.  The crocodiles glared at us.  The zoo was fun and I look forward to going on more trips.”  Veer, 8C

“On Monday the trip to London Zoo was great. We had all split up into separate groups and were able to explore by ourselves. It was fantastic seeing the animals. The penguins were amazing, especially seeing them majestically dancing.”  Subhan, 8C