Baking Scones at The Spinney

On Monday morning a lucky group of children from Years 3 and 4 were invited to help the residents of The Spinney make scones!

Everyone put their best baking skills forward and made a delicious batch that were truly enjoyed by all. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to show off their skills but also for us to get to know and learn more about the residents too. We ended the session by continuing the Harvest celebrations by singing our own rendition of the Harvest Samba!

Here is what two of the pupils had to say about our visit.

“I liked going to the Spinney because I liked talking to Fredrick and him telling me his adventures from the war”- Aurora – Year 3

“I enjoyed baking the scones and also talking to the residents about our weekends and their hobbies. I enjoyed singing the Harvest Samba to them too!” – Orson – Year 4