Year 5 and 6 Trip to the Museum of London

The Trip to The Museum of London by Kayce and Evie, Year 5.

How we got to the Museum of London.

On Thursday 10 October 2019, Year 5 and 6 left school at 10:00 to travel to the Museum of London. We walked to Chingford station and then we took the Overground train from Chingford to Liverpool Street. After that we took the underground train from Liverpool Street to St Paul’s. And from there we walked on and eventually arrived at the Museum of London.

What we did at the museum.

After we ate our lunch we got into groups of 4 or 5. We had to find ancient artefacts like a treasure hunt. While we were looking for the artefacts we found out a lot of information on medieval times.

The workshop.

After we finished looking for the ancient artefacts we had a workshop on Vikings and the Saxons. In our workshop we learnt mostly about Viking beliefs in gods and goddesses. We even got to hold Viking tools for their daily life schedule. We also got to take part in a small play about their story of their gods and we all got to act one way or another. We all enjoyed being part of the play.

How we got back to Normanhurst School.

After the workshop we went to collect our bags from the lunch room. Then we walked to St Paul’s underground station and took the underground train for two stops to go to Liverpool Street. After that we had to take the Overground train from Liverpool Street to Chingford Station. When we arrived back to Chingford we had to walk back to Normanhurst School.

Highlights of the trip.

The classes enjoyed the workshop and finding out new information for our knowledge on the medieval times. We all also enjoyed the black death video clip. The black death is an actual disease but the people in the medieval times thought the black death was a demon that ate young children. We enjoyed seeing special artefacts and finding out lots of new information that we can use in the future.