Marks and Spencer vs Local Convenience Store – Which Bag is Best?

For this week’s Science lesson Year 5 were testing the tensile strength of the plastic bags of different super markets to find out the best bag to use. They all made a prediction for which bag would be the strongest and which bag would be the weakest. Each pair were testing the strength of a different type of bag and then they shared the results with the rest of the class at the end of the experiment. They learnt lots of new vocabulary in this lesson including tensile strength, independent variable, dependent variable and fair test. The lesson was very noisy with all the weights crashing down on the tables.

Eloise – “I learnt that the Marks and Spencers bag was the strongest bag and the least strongest bag was the local convenience store bag, we used 10g and 100g weights to test the strength.”

Bobby – “I enjoyed experimenting with my class because I found it fun to find out that the local store had the least tensile strength and interesting that Marks and Spencers had the most.”