Nicolas and Sofia’s Street Kind UK Project

Nicolas and Sofia both had a very special day on Sunday. They are currently working as a family with a charity for homeless people called Street Kind UK and on Sunday they had their first outreach in Central London.

They made lots of sandwiches and flapjacks (following Miss Collings’ yummy recipe) and helped to distribute them to the homeless friends involved in this lovely project.

Both pupils were outstanding. Nicolas kept himself busy with giving away the cakes, making sure that everyone had the right food, and accompanying cutlery, napkin and piece of fruit, while Sofia demonstrated her high ability in social and emotional skills. She was in charge of the hot drinks station, also awarding the participants with smiles, having endless chats, and making friends with all the homeless people that came her way. She enjoyed every minute of it and is looking forward to the next outreach in January.

We are very proud of both our pupils.