Remembrance Day Activities

At Normanhurst this year, the Juniors marked the 100th Remembrance Day in a special way. Pupils understood that Remembrance Day is not just about World Wars I and II but in fact about all wars and conflicts in the last 100 years. So with this in mind, each of the year groups learnt about a different aspect of war or war itself.

In EYFS and Year 1 the children learnt about wearing Poppies and why we have a Remembrance Day, children in Year 2 learnt about World War 2 and researched facts using the iPads, Year 3 learnt about World War 1 and their use of animals, Year 4 learnt about the Gulf War and heard a personal story from Warren Dunn WO1 (Rtd), Year 5 learnt about the Falklands War and heard a personal story from Mitch Provan Lt Col (Rtd) and Year 6 learnt about the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, discussing what may have triggered these events that caused soldiers to lose their lives, after fighting in a war which was nowhere near where they lived.

All of the classes made beautiful artwork to symbolise the wars and celebrate the unsung heroes, which they proudly carried during the ceremony where we observed a minutes silence to remember the fallen heroes.