Shops and Toys from the Past – A Walk Along Station Road

The children were excited to go on a walk along Station Road as an opener to their new Humanities and History topic  ‘Shops and Toys from the Past’. They were asked to explain what shops are and their purpose. Everyone noticed the moped outside the takeaway shop and compared this with a bicycle delivery service that was used from grocers’ shops in the past.

The children made some good observations, noticing that shops in the past had all the goods displayed in the shop windows whereas the more modern shops have lights, signs, and advertising.

They all decided that Shaws the butcher was an older style shop.

This is what some of the pupils had to say:

Caitlin “We saw the lottery signs outside Tesco.”

Irina –  “Tesco had automatic doors to go in.”

Kelly – “The new shops have lots of lights and are bright.”

Noah-Hussain – “The old shops are dark.”

Emran and Zakariya – “I like walking along Station Road looking at the shops.”