Year 1 Visit the V&A Museum of Childhood

Year 1 had a brilliant day at the V&A Museum of Childhood on the 20 November. They discovered just how much there was to see and do, from exhibitions and displays to activities. Once they completed their ‘Toy Hunt’ challenge, all were free to explore. Some pupils galloped on old fashioned rocking horses, others performed a Punch and Judy show to others played in the sand in a recreation of a Victorian beach. Some even dressed up as servants in Victorian costume and waited on the Master and Mistress of the house by serving dinner to them.

Everyone participated in an interactive workshop, ‘Finding Out About the Past’, and learned about the oldest toy in the museum – a 3500 year old doll found in an Ancient Egyptian tomb. They then looked at a variety of old toys and identified what materials they were made from. Everyone had fun playing with a selection of outdoor games children used in Victorian times before everyone got to make our own toy to take home!

This is what the children said when asked about their favourite part of the day:

James – ‘I loved all of it and especially playing in the doll’s house.’

Caitlin – ‘My favourite part was playing in the Punch and Judy show.’

Kelly – ‘I liked seeing the Barbies on display.’

Enis – ‘I liked all of it and I especially liked the army toys.’