Year 5 Local Trips

This term Year 5 have been on three local trips. Our first trip was on Thursday 14 November and on that trip we walked down the road to Pole Hill. Five minutes later when we arrived, we started to play the alphabetical eye spy game in our partners. We had a couple of questions to answer using the information on the obelisk marking true north on the Greenwich Meridian line, this is where we took a picture.

Our second trip was on Monday 18 November. We all played a game of geographical bingo whilst walking down Station Road. This included lots of different types of things such as: bus stop CCTV cameras, flowers and advertisements to name a few. Just down the road, past the train station we could see a little but beautiful view of Connaught Waters shimmering in the distance. Finally, our teacher checked our bingo sheets to see if we had won!

Last but not least we went to the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge, when we got there we took a picture in front of the hunting lodge then walked in. On the first floor we wrote down facts about how it was there and what happened to it, for example, the hunting lodge was built in 1543. We then walked up to the second floor and on that floor was lots of different Tudor clothing to try on and we took some notes. When we walked up to the last floor we all sketched a picture of the wonderful view up the top. One more fact is there is another hunting lodge called ‘The Little Standing’.

By James, Jasmine and Nicolas – Year 5