Year 3 Learn About Forces and Magnets

Year 3’s science lessons have been focusing on Forces and Magnets. They have had the opportunity to carry out a number of experiments that have allowed them to test and question their knowledge and current understanding. The children have really enjoyed the practical lessons of this topic. One experiment the children particularly enjoyed was testing the effect that a surface would have on the speed of a moving toy car. In Year 3 the children are focusing on making predictions and conclusions for their experiments. Here are some of the predictions the children made in the lesson:

William: “I think that the car is going to bounce from side to side because the sand paper is bumpy.”

Dylan: “I think the car is going to move quicker on the smooth surface than it will on the rough surface”.

Another experiment Year 3 had the opportunity to complete, involved testing the magnetism of different materials. Here are some of the children’s predictions:

Jake: “I think that the paper clips are going to be magnetic because they are made from metal”

Sophia: “I don’t think that rope will be magnetic because it isn’t made from a metal”