Incredible Collaborative Art from Year 5

Year 5 are very proud of the incredible piece of collaborative art they have created in class.

It is the result of three weeks’ worth of double art and portrays Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night.

“Our Vincent van Gogh Collaborative Art Painting (Starry Night) was just a blank canvas once, three lessons ago. However, we made just a little sketch each from our own part of the picture and when we put it together it looked like the artist drew it, it was wonderful. It got even better when we painted it! We used acrylic paint, it was hard to do, but it was worth it. Our finished product was lovely and all of Year 5 are really proud of it. It had a touch of creativity and each square really did look like the real thing! We are going to have it displayed in the school, keep an eye out!”

Eloise – Year 5