Christmas Arts and Crafts

It seems that Christmas is not only the season to be jolly but also to be arty!  Many of our younger pupils have been using their Art lessons to create all sorts of festive decorations.

In Kindergarten the children have been busy decorating a picture of a Christmas tree.  With a focus on different textures, they used shaving foam for a snowy effect,  then added glitter and pom-poms to give sparkle and colour.  Big cut-out stars completed the colourful tree!

In Year 2, pupils had a Christmas art carousel where they moved round to different tables to complete various art activities. They made snowman pegs, two different types of baubles and turned themselves into Santa’s elves by using split pins to create a moveable elf.  The children are excited to take their Christmas decorations home to share with their families.

Meanwhile, Year 3 has also been creating a variety of winter themed arts and crafts to get into the festive spirit.  Based on their English topic of ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’, the children made paper plate portraits of the Grinch, using a number of techniques including painting, cutting & sticking, drawing and designing.

In a recent Art lesson, Year 3 focused on something we all love, SNOWMEN!  The children loved creating both paper-chain and named snowmen for their friends or family members, again using and developing their art techniques.  After enjoying these Art activities, the children are definitely ready for Christmas!

The Year 5 pupils have painted and collaged Décopatch papier mâché reindeer that were made from recycled paper. They also made Christmas cards for their families using a collage and 3D effect. The children put the skills they had gained from their previous Art lessons to good use, creating wonderful Christmas artefacts which they are looking forward to taking home and sharing with their families.

In Year 6 the children studied how to capture movement in art and worked over a few sessions to complete a final draft.  They initially drafted their figures by sketching and then drew them on card, cutting them out to make stencils. The children used water colours in different styles to make their figures stand out. Some chose animals and some chose to draw people in motion. They were very proud of their final work.

The Year 6 pupils have also looked at Cubism and how it can be represented in paintings.  They completed their initial designs by sketching and also experimented with different colours. Then they chose a colour theme and used a range of resources to create their final draft, such as colouring pencils, felt tips, biro pens, tissue paper and sugar paper as well as various materials. The finished results looked extremely eye-catching!