Green Tree Schools Award Progress

The Normanhurst Juniors are working on the Green Tree Schools Award with the Woodland Trust, and have recently been awarded the Bronze Award. The scheme involves the children taking part in fun, practical activities in Epping Forest linked to the curriculum.

Year 5 have recently taken part in a challenge which involved taking photos with different viewpoints.  They enjoyed exploring the forest and working together to find interesting scenes and perspectives, and took some beautiful photographs as a result.

The Year 2 pupils had a tree party, putting Christmas decorations on the tree and having a snack around it.  The Year 3 pupils made some decorations of their own and chose a tree to dress, while the Year 6 pupils explored the story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, looking carefully at the words to find suitable spots for different scenes.

All of the other year groups will be completing challenges to work towards the Green Tree Silver Award.