Year 8 Meet Reception

Year 8 have been developing pop up books as part of their 2D-3D design and technology project. They have explored illustration, graphic design and layout as well as pop-up techniques to create an 8 page, fully illustrated pop-up book in response to the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the feisty seagull who knew no boundaries to his flying! The Year 8s brought their completed books to share with Reception and introduce the younger pupils to their version of Jonathan. The Reception class listened intently and actively interacted with the books, asking lots of questions along the way!

Reception had a lovely time when the Year 8 children shared their pop up books with them. They were very interested in the different stories that they had come up with and were particularly impressed with how the mechanisms that made them pop up. We asked the children their thoughts about the books:

“I liked the seagulls and pictures” – Grace

“I like the shell that they made” – Shalini

“I liked the pictures and I liked the seagulls the best” – Clementine

“I like when the Brussel sprouts cleaned up the shells” – Isabel