Year 6 Visit TATE Modern

After proudly displaying their great artwork in Oaktree Schools Art Exhibition in January, Year 6 visited TATE Modern in order to widen their perspectives in art. They had the opportunity to look at various styles of some very famous artists. In class, Year 6 studied works of B. Riley and Cubism. The Year 6 pupils experimented with 2D shapes and also with even more creative style of ‘Cubism’ during these sessions. They tried their very best to create a similar style to these artists in their own way. The artwork produced during these sessions can be viewed outside the Year 6 classroom.

During our visit to TATE Modern, the pupils had opportunities to appreciate different artwork on display. They absorbed the details by sitting in front of a piece and by drawing their own interpretation of different styles. Children were amazed and sometimes surprised by how varied the concept of ‘art’ can be. They did a lot of sketching and colouring in their art books to inspire them during our lessons at school. The most impressive moment of the day was walking around ‘Babel’, which was a tower made out of radios that were playing different tunes simultaneously!

Year 6 are looking forward to many more art lessons where ideas of more artists will be discussed and adapted in order to create many more amazing artwork to be proud of.