‘A Visit To China’ VIP Visitor For Year 1

Year 1 were absolutely thrilled and excited to welcome a special ‘VIP’ into the class as a grand finale to our Humanities Geography topic: A Visit to China’. Mrs Freedlander grew up in China and expertly answered all the questions the class had prepared for her.

Mrs Freedlander showed on a map the area in China where she grew up, demonstrated the ‘Dragon Dance’ with the able assistance of her daughter Emily, who is in Year 1, and gave every pupil a red lantern to take home to celebrate the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year. The class loved learning about Mrs Freedlander’s favourite animal, the adorable golden snub nosed monkey, which lives in the mountains in Central China, and like the giant panda is native to China. She showed us some of the decorations she puts up, both in and outside her home, to welcome in the Chinese New Year. The children were riveted and asked many questions, such as, why was the Great Wall of China built? Why do the Chinese do a dragon dance? Why do they eat lots of rice and why is there so much pollution in China?

Having an expert to answer the children’s questions, really helped to bring the subject alive. The information she gave greatly benefited the children’s ‘Big Write’ the next day, when they recorded the answers to their questions. If Mr Haggar needs to employ another teacher, Mrs Freedlander is a natural in the classroom!

The ‘A Visit to China’ topic this term has been such fun and the favourite so far this year!