Year 5 Learn About Different Phases Of The Moon

“On Tuesday 10th February 2020, we ate biscuits to show the shapes of the moon. We could choose between Jaffa Cakes and Digestives. We drew on the table and separated it in into 4 sections. Then we put the biscuits in each of the sections and we had to eat a bit to make it into the following moons: full moon, crescent moon, half moon and a total eclipse. At the start of the lesson Miss Stone showed us a Jaffa Cakes advert with a teacher showing the different shapes of the moon by eating the Jaffa Cakes herself, which was really funny! Everybody really enjoyed it and loved eating their own biscuits. It was also really educational as well which is great as we learnt about the different phases of the moon. At the end we ate the rest of the biscuits and all said how much we loved the lesson.”

By John and Kayce