Pupils Experience ‘Living Eggs’ for Science Week

Just a couple of days ago some eggs were delivered to Normanhurst, and today we have lots of little fluffy chicks making themselves at home. The children were very excited when the first cracks appeared on the eggs in the incubator, and then even more excited as tiny beaks started to emerge. After staying in the incubator for a day, the chicks were transferred into a bigger enclosure, where they are now happily running about.

Some of the pupils were able to handle the chicks, and even the Early Years children were excited to have a go. Once class were lucky enough to see a chick completely hatch out of its shell!

The chicks came from the ethical Living Eggs company who provide a ready to hatch programme. By experiencing the living eggs, the children are able to witness life cycles, and learn more about growth and development. The programme also encourages social interaction and promotes caring and nurturing skills.