Year 2 Science Week Activities

This week, Year 2 discussed ‘blubber’ and what animals have this and why they have this. We then tested how the ‘blubber’ keeps animals warm. The children put one hand into a sandwich bag into ice on its own and the other hand into a sandwich bag which was covered in fat and into ice. The children noticed the difference between the two bags. One child said ‘this hand is nice and cosy and my other one is freezing’. It was a great way for the children to get a better insight into how and why different animals have adapted to different environments.

Year 2 also did some exercises and talked about humans sweating and the purpose of sweat. They discussed how some animals do not sweat and have to cool down in other ways. For example, dogs cool down by panting and sweat through their paws.

To further their understanding about different types of animal, Year 2 also took part in a sorting activity. They managed to match pictures of a range of different animals, including snakes, toucans, hippos and bees, to the right animal group that they belonged in. The children worked in pairs or small groups for this activity, and it was great to hear them discussing the different creatures.